Assist Please - Altea Glovebox Removal

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Took my glovebox out over the weekend to put in Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree, Glovebox got here out no downside with out having to remove hinged opening a part of the glovebox. i took it out as a complete meeting. The Last two screws that hold it in are at the again of the glovebox half manner down, you want a Torx fitting and a small extension so the that you may unscrew them, once they're released the entire unit come out. There may be room on the top of the Glovebox to mount small management items and many others after which refit. One word of warning though, i disconnected the on off swith for passenger air bag on removal of the glovebox and then had to switch the ignition swap on throughout install and the airbag mild above the glove box flashed several times. now it is all reassembled it's exhibiting a fault on the dashboard, i'm assuming there's nothing wrong and it just wants resetting but bear in mind.
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31. Once i auto-purge my glovebox, I get a high over strain situation.
a. Affirm your fuel pressure and dimension of the gas line is correct. Affirm the auto-purge valve is opening accurately. When you've got a circulate control valve on your regulator, you may be getting a bit too much movement. Modify this down slowly to scale back the over-stress state of affairs. Make certain you have got sufficient circulation and strain to keep the valve open. You also need to confirm that your vent line is linked and working appropriately.

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Valves and interfaces are additionally put in on the primary chamber to permit the consumer to deflate or inflate the primary chamber when pressure balance is needed (the three-manner valve between the glove ports may also be used to deflate if vital). The entrance observation window of the principle chamber is geared up with fluorescent lamps.