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General Pyckbot Notes

Pyckbot Modules

Buggy (demo) :

Path: pyckbot/demos/

DiffDrive :

Path: pyckbot/apps/

Pose Recorder (demo)

Playback (demo) :

Shavenhaircut (demo) :

Sheetplan (demo) :

TagClient :

WaypointTask :

Additional Software Modules

LED tracker :

Inverse Kinematics :

Running Instructions: 
  ipython --pylab
  Failing to add --pylab will:
  (1) Mean that the necessary libraries aren't pre-loaded, so you will get an error for plotting
      commands such as clf(), and math commands such as asarray()
  (2) The threading model will be wrong, and plotting commands WILL NOT DISPLAY ANYTHING
      until you explicitly call show(). That call will block until you close the plot window.​